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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Sippin' Lemonade

Come and join me with a cool glass of lemonade, while we sit on the deck and enjoy some nice summer weather. Maybe we can knit a few rows while we kibitz about anything and everything on our minds. As the sun burns below the horizon, we can open a nice bottle of wine and nibble on some cheese and crackers. Ahh, the life!

If only I had twenty seconds in the day to spare! Isn't summer supposed to give you more time to sit and enjoy the weather? I'm busier than before with soccer, basketball, swimming, summer school, horseback riding and carting my kids to their friends houses. When I am home, I barely have enough time to do yard work. I don't enjoy doing yard work when everything is so overgrown with weeds. I haven't planted one thing yet this summer. No vegies, no flowers, nothing! Oh well, there is always tomorrow!

As for knitting, the Glitterspun shawl is done, and it looks great. I cant imagine using this yarn for anything but a shawl or a scarf as it stretches terribly when knit into a fabric. I can't imagine what a sweater would look like knit with this! I plan to add some fringes on the sides, so I'll be off to buy some thin yarn or floss to do this, and then it is completely finished.

I started on the Lightpipe shawl with a pattern I copied out of a magazine for traveling shells. I learned that you should never start a complicated lace pattern with such slinky novelty yarn while trying to watch your kids play basketball and chat with the other moms. After three attempts, I finally ripped it out and started over in a garter stitch. I love the yarn! It looks like iridescent Japanese rice noodles that you fry to poof up. Knit up, it is starting to look like Ramen noodles, hopefully this will be attractive!

Go and knit your socks off!


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