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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Color, knitting, a storm, and the cat

I had my hair colored today. Thank God, because the roots were really looking terrible. This is pretty much the only "girly" thing I do, and I have only been coloring for a little over a year. I knit in the shop while waiting for the dinger to go off. No one talked to me, and that was nice and peaceful. I sat and thought about the "moving vs. not moving" scenario we seem to be stuck in for the last two months. Again, I thought the move was off until I got a job offer today in Cincinnati. Still nothing for the DH, and that makes it really hard. Anyway, back to knitting. The shawl is very pretty. I really love how the Glitterspun fabric feels, very silky and soft.

After a nice summer thunderstorm, we went outside for awhile and sat on the deck. It was very nice. The cat, Talia, escaped and had a few minutes to romp around like the queen of the neighborhood. She ate some grass, and I'm sure I will be cleaning up some phlegm-like gooey crud in the morning. YIPPEE!

The lightpipe still has not returned. I'm a bit worried.

Now go and knit your socks off!


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