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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Secret Socks

I'm so excited about the secret sock swap! Thank you to Sue for hosting this! I know that I won't start my socks until the day of the art fair (July 10), and I think I can work on them in public, because my sock recipient lives too far away to worry about running into her (that's the only hint I will give! HA HA). I'm already having fun planning the socks. Will they be traditional? Maybe something goofy and fun? Or should I go for a really complex and gorgeous pattern? Hmmmm.. I'm not sure yet.

Art fair knitting is going great! I'm almost done with the Glitterspun Shawl, and the Lightpipe was finally returned all wound - no tangles anymore! I'm so happy that Crystal Palace Yarns did this for me. I can't wait to start using it. I'm not sure if the lacy pattern I got out of a magazine will work for this or not. I will have to swatch and see. Wednesday night we went for our family's favorite night out on the town (Warning: We are very boring). Supper at Noodles & Co. and then off to Barnes & Noble to sit and read for a few hours before heading for home. I lose myself in that place. I seriously walk out and feel rejuvenate! Weird, I know.

We were celebrating the start of summer vacation. Yes, I am a teacher... one of those people that those who are not in education say, "Oh, it must be tough to have your whole summer off!" I won't lie and try to convince anyone that it's only fair because teachers work hard. I will only say that for 6 years I worked in the "real world" and was happy with my 3 weeks off. After returning to get my teaching certification, I was amazed to have this much time off. But, there is a downside that many people don't realize, and after hearing it many others still think it's not a big deal. The time that I do have off as a teacher is not flexible. If I wanted to have off in February - forget it. No trips during the low travel season to save money. I need to do my best to schedule every kind of appointment during the time I am scheduled off or my principal may look funny at me. It was hard at first to coordinate the doctor's and dentist's appointments. Anyway - we were celebrating mostly because the end of my year was over. I won't go into details, but I couldn't wait for this school year to end. It was very tough. There were a lot of students that moved in during the year, my schedule was terrible, and I don't think I got much help from administration in dealing with the problems I was having. But, it's over now! Time to rejuvenate and help the DH get hired either here or in Cincinnati!

Well, I must be off.... Bridget Jone's Diary is on TBS and it's one of my favorite movies! Maybe I'll knit my secret sock sister's sock off!


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