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Thursday, May 20, 2004

It's Done!

I finally finished the God Awful Cardigan. I wanted to take a photo, but I left the disk at home, so I will have to try tomorrow. Wow, wow, wow! It turned out better than I had ever hoped. Only blocking left.

Thank you to my new knitting friend, Judy, who gave me a great way to do buttonholes (even if it didn't follow any directions I have read). She suggested I pick up the stitches along each front and stitch in ribbing up and down the front of the cardigan. Where I wanted a hole, I did a yarn over. It worked great, looks great, and meant NO SEWING! Heaven!

One cat bed is ready to be felted, and I'm ready to start on the other art fair projects!

This Saturday is the garage sale, so after all of the work to set up, I hope to have a great day of knitting and selling!

Congratulations to me! I got the job in Cincinnati! Now we have to wait to see if DH can get a job there, too!


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