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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Winding Woes

Well, I bought some yarn - yep. So, I'm not doing so well with the yarn diet, then - yep. And I bought some new bamboo needles, too - yep. Seeing as I can't stick to a food diet, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the yarn one isn't working either.

I bought some lightpipe and Gedifra - Verusca for shawls and scarves to sell, and some Galway for fuzzy feet. I got home and started winding the lightpipe. The LYS told me that it is impossible to work with (which forced me to buy it). She said it took three people to wind it (I knew I could do it myself). I started carefully winding. Twenty feet later I had a knot. It came out easily. I clearly knew what I was doing. A real yarn goddess! I kept slowly winding and - kerplunk (can yarn make that noise? I'm pretty sure mine did). A huge rat's nest. Two hours later I finally broke the yarn, tied a knot, and started winding again - feeling defeated. Five minutes later, another huge rat's nest. I have clearly been bested by this stuff!

I e-mailed the manufacturer and wrote a very honest, not whining - note, saying that they might have more success in selling the yarn if it was sold in a more user friendly format. I asked them to wind the yarn for me. I assumed they would send back the expected professional reply, blowing me off, but they didn't! They said that if I sent them the yarn they would be happy to wind it for me! They said that it really is a difficult yarn to wind! Wow! How nice!

I'm waiting for the package to be returned to me!

Happy Knitting on Memorial Day weekend!


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