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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Happy Mother's Day!

Just a quick entry to wish all of you mothers a Happy Mother's Day! Being a mother was something I always wanted, something I looked forward to, and something I wanted to become at an early age. I look at my two daughter's today and think "What, were you crazy?" No, seriously, they are a joy, even when they mess up the kitchen to make a great surprise, and even when they tell you at 7:45 am that they need two dozen home-made cookies for school that day. The turmoils and occasions that make parents crazy are tiny compared to the great events like when one of your children does something that shows they are growing up and becoming their own individual. That is the great stuff!

Enough with the mushy blog entry. The real point here is knitting, right? Well I started a new project today, the kitty bed that is listed on another website (I'll link it tomorrow). DH was in rare form again, watching me knit in the car as we were off to visit our mothers. Giggling away when I asked him how it looked. What's wrong, I thought. Didn't the colors go well together? Were they still laughing at my innovative cast-on technique using markers because I don't have size 11 dpn? What was so funny?

His response...."Remember that clog you were making in the car the other day?"
"Yes," I answer.
"Well, this looks like a female version of what you were making that day. A warmer for a female part of the anatomy," was his stoic response.
I busted out laughing. The thing looked like a bra cup! A woolen bra cup! Okay, this will definitely be a new cottage industry. Lingerie for your private areas - by Kristyn.

I think I better keep my day job!

Now go knit your socks off, or maybe an article of clothing for another part of your body?


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