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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Funny Fuzzy Feet

No, my feet are not fuzzy, but they are funny looking. That is a blog entry all its own - the curse of the family long toes - my second toe is as long as the pinkie on my hand - EEEWWWW! I know!

Anyway - Yesterday was wonderful. My DH had the day off and I had a conference to go to, so he drove me and gave me an early Mother's Day gift of being able to knit in the car the entire time. He was even patient when I shhhshed him so that I could count.

Have you made Fuzzy Feet? I started a paire with stash yarn leftover from another project. If you have made them, this will make sense. If not, I will try to get a photo of the next pair I make when they are at this stage. I had just finished the heel and started the toe shaping. As the toe began to grow, my DH broke out laughing and asked who these were for. The start of the toe, he said, looked just like a jock strap! As the pouch began to grow, it looked like some kind of penis warmer! Now, in Wisconsin - maybe I could market that in winter, especially for the hunters. Make some in blaze orange?? Hmmm... a new cottage industry! Just remember, I thought of it first, so don't go stealing my royalties!

Seriously, the Fuzzy Feet are a blast to make, even if I will never be able to make them without chuckling. You have to pay attention to the pattern, so they are not the best to work on with the kiddies around, but they work up very quick, and I'm pleased with the results. This pair will be for the Art Fair. And by using the leftover wool, the project is basically FREE!

Other addictions

With Spring in full force, I am anxious to get the pop-up camper ready to go for the first trip. I love camping, and lucky for me, the whole family does, too! My daughters have never known a summer without camping. Both of them started before their first birthdays. Last weekend we took our annual "drive" through the campground breathing in that wonderful campfire air. HEAVEN!


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