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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Ho Hum

The color of the socks I'm working on says it all.... pretty much this is how I'm feeling.

Blue, blue, blue.

Tomorrow is a conference, and if I feel brave, I can knit there. I have been to this conference before. Basically the same group of people meet to learn about new topics. I have knit there before and felt the steady glare of my fellow attendees. I might be just too blue to even try it this time. We'll see.

GA Cardigan

Just to remind you what the GA stands for - I have finished the color work on one of the sleeves of the "God Awful" Cardigan. I am hoping to cast off the cuff tonight. Then I just have to wait for the yarn exchange and I'm off to finish the other sleeve. While I wait, I could make the button bands. I'm nervous about them because I've never made buttonholes before and to do that while also making my own pattern seems terrifying right now, but I know it will work out.

You Know it's Spring When....

You know it's Spring when your white cat bursts through the open door to run free in the yard. You know it's Spring when you chase after her in your slippers, only to loose them on the stairs of the deck. You know it's Spring when your cat stops 2 feet in front of you to roll in the dirt. You know it's Spring when she runs off the minute you almost catch her! You know it's Spring when she looks at you mockingly and she embeds 38 inches of dirt into her white fur. You know it's Spring when you finally catch your now "brown" cat and she is purring. You know it's Spring when it takes two days for her to turn white again! A short but glorious escape for Talia!

Short blog today. Go knit your socks off!


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