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Sunday, May 02, 2004

The New Arrival

Well, it arrived on Friday. My first yarn purchase online. The service was great and the price beat my LYS, even with the cost of shipping. There it was, a small bundle all cuddly and wrapped up in white. I knew what it would look like when I opened it up, but I was still excited by what might be inside. Reynolds Lopi Yarn in Copper. The new arrival. I rip open the bag slowly to let the anticipation last, just like when I open a gift. I peek inside and.........YIKES! What's this? Rose?? I ordered Copper! What the heck? Furiously I chase to the computer. These guys must have screwed up. Where is the receipt? Oh, I see the receipt in the bottom of the bag. I check it over and it is most definitely a mistake because it says I ordered Rose. I check my e-mail confirmation - Rose. I check the first confirmation - Rose. This must be a mistake! Again, I look through all of the papers. Shoot! It must really be my mistake. What a dope!

I e-mailed the yarn company and explained my mistake. I will ship the Rose colored wool back to them (it actually is prettier than the colors I'm using, but if you remember - I didn't pick the colors for this project) and pay for the shipping to send me the Copper color.

Kid Socks

With all of this GA Cardigan frustration, I haven't worked much on the cardigan. It has also been unusually warm here (above 40 degrees! HA HA), so I don't want to knit with a sheep on my lap. I started up the second sock and I am pleased with the progress, but I am anxious to get started on the art fair projects. I really should start these so that I have something to sell. Before I can do that, I have to clean out my yarn stashes. Yes, I have yarn tucked away in different closets in different rooms. I would love to get it all organized, but there are so many other things I need to do as well. There he is, that old father time, causing problems again.

Well, I'm gonna go knit my socks off, or maybe get going on some other things that need to get done, like cleaning? Naah, I'll knit my socks off. Sounds like much more fun!


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