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Thursday, June 24, 2004

What do we do?

Still, there is no decision on the move. Still, there is no deposit in our account and our food stash has dwindled to almost nothing. I'm back to pricing peanut butter for the best deal, only to put it back on the shelf - you can live without peanut butter.

What do we do? I have a great job offer in Cincinnati. I told them I would make a decision by tomorrow. DH had an interview for a guidance position almost two weeks ago here in Wisconsin (he just earned his certification in December). He has called them three times to find out if they have made a decision. The person who will decide is on vacation until Monday. My decision needs to be made tomorrow.

DH has worked as a substitute for a year, and it is not his favorite job. The income is not consistent. He could sub in Cincinnati while I work at my dream job, but what if we decide to do this and then the guidance position here is offered to him? If he would get that job, our financial situation would be happier, but we are not happy living where we are right now. If we move to Cincinnati, we think we will have a happier place to live, but the financial situation may be strained.

I hate these decisions! I just e-mailed the woman who offered me the job and put the decision in her lap. If she wants to open the job search there, I think she has the right to do so (she has been waiting for me to decide since June 8th). Our good friends are telling us to move, our family wants us to stay, and our children don't seem torn either way. We are extremely torn about this. What do we do?

Knitting? Oh yeah, this is a knitting blog. I'm working slowly on the Lightpipe scarf, but not making fast enough progress. I'm tempted to start a new project, but tomorrow I leave with the youngest daughter for a weekend Brownie's camping trip. No knitting there!


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