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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Mail Call

Yippee! Driving home with the summer-like sun pouring down, great tunes on the car radio, and talking to the DH on the phone (don't worry - I have a hands free system) I am given some more great news. Cast On is waiting for me and so is the brochure for Midwest Stitches 2004!

First the brochure:

Gee.... so many classes and so little money! I have already picked what I would like to attend, even if it turns out I can't make it. The Chicago suburb is only a 3 hour drive from my Wisconsin home, and I have relatives in the area I could stay with, or the family could go camping. Anyway, the classes I picked are:

Friday morning would be the hardest - do I go to Beyond the Linen Stitch with Jean Frost or Switch to Continental Style Knitting with Leslye Solomon. I think the Continental class.

Friday afternoon - Exploring Color Harmony with Maureen Mason-Jamieson.

Saturday afternoon - Knitting in the Shadows with Maureen Mason-Jamieson (maybe I should just invite her to my house if I want to go to two of her classes! HA!)

Sunday all day - Seamless Aran with Beth Brown Reinsel.

Total cost - $285 early bird or $325 after May 24. Hmmmmm, Mother's Day is coming up, but I need a new dishwasher. What to ask for????? The conference, of course! I've never been to a Stitches conference, and it looks like a great time. I think the best part would be sitting around with others while knitting and learning new things. Maybe I will earn the cost at the art fair this summer. Oh, you're wondering what the heck I'm jabbering about now? My sister-in-law makes beaded earrings and necklaces and sells them at a small art fair. I run her booth while she gives henna tattoos. Last year I knit while I ran her booth, and her business doubled from all of the people asking about my knitting. She told me I should make a few things to sell so I'm going to try (See Coming Soon). The fair is July 10th, and it is held near Hayward, WI. Before I can be allowed into the show, the artist panel that runs the show has to vote me in. I'm thinking of bribing them with expensive gifts!! Hee Hee.

Cast On

All right, what is up with this magazine? I know that they are trying to make the magazine a technical reference, but does that mean they can never put in a nice pattern? I think there were three patterns that I liked (the baby jumper is cute, but of course its cute, its for a baby!). Diamond Lace made me spit up the wine I was drinking. Can you say bosom? Cleavage? Revealing? To top it off, I read the title wrong. It isn't called "Edged Surprise"? Oh, oops, it was supposed to be "Edged Surplice". Rule number 183 of knitting like a goddess - Never knit a pattern if you need a dictionary to understand its title. Thank you

Surplice - (n) A loose-fitting, white ecclesiastical gown with wide sleeves, worn over a cassock. Cassock? What the heck is that? Thanks again

Cassock - (n) Ecclesiastical
An ankle-length garment with a close-fitting waist and sleeves, worn by the clergy and others assisting in church services.

Ok.... this rose-colored yarn called Rio is knit into a form fitting wrap-around sweater that I would never be able to publicly jam my size 44CC bosom into without making every human being who saw me in it want to throw up. On second thought - it may work great for my "Fat Lady at the Circus Act" if only I was planning to join the circus.

Oh, well. I liked the sock pattern, even if I have seen at least eighteen patterns almost identical to it. And I can make that to fit my size 11 foot.

One more thing, wish my oldest daughter luck at her 3 on 3 tournament that starts tomorrow. She has to play 7 games between 5:00 and 9:00 pm. Can you say..... Exhaustion?

Now, go and knit your socks off! Did you notice that I have finally started the second kid sock?


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