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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Color my World

I have finished the body of the cardigan, and here is a picture of the front as I was doing the final color work for the body.

Here is a picture of the back with all of the weaving. I am actually pretty happy with the neatness of this, it is only the second time I have worked with more than one color doing anything but rows. I appreciate any comments - in support or instruction!

At times I had three colors going in a single row. It was slow going on those rows as I haven't mastered how to knit with two colors using both hands so I had to drop and hunt. Then, of course, there is the twisted mess that needed to be cleaned up, sometimes during the row. But it was worth it for me to have this turn out well. I can learn a better way to do this another day.

Now, most people would be excited to be this far, and I am, but I bound off the body in fear, knowing that I had no clue how to proceed with the sleeves or the buttonhole bands (of course with most things in my life I have no clue, but this seemed to bother me more). Well, I picked up the 60 sleeve stitches that have been waiting and screaming at me to hurry up, picked up 12 for easement under the arm and planned my paired decreases. It is going well. I have only 7 more decreases and hopefully this will work out well with the start of the color work in the sleeve. This morning I did some Internet surfing to find ideas for how to do the buttonhole bands. I found a method on and chose One Row Buttonhole Version -4. I think I can handle following the instructions - I haven't had my butt kicked by a set of written instructions yet, but you never know!

As for the yarn diet, you may notice - of course now you will notice because I'm telling you to look at it - that I just bought some yarn on Friday. Well, that doesn't count! (begin 4 year-old rant) It's not my fault! I had to do it cuz I ran out of the copper Lopi! No one saw me do it! Well ok, Talia was here, but she can't tell anyone! I won't do it again. Promise! I won't buy anymore yarn - hmmm - at least not until I start those baby caps! (end of 4 year-old rant).

Now go and knit your socks off - it's the weekend!


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