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Friday, April 16, 2004

Fortune Cookie Challenge

My family loves to go to Chinese restaurants. When the waiter or waitress puts down the bill with the fortune cookies on it, we anxiously wait to see who will strike first. You see, the fortune cookie gods and goddesses have set the cookies on the tray in a way that they "know" who will grab each one. It is fate. Of course, my husband and I always read the fortune in the adult version by adding "in bed" to the end. Not out loud of course, there are children present, but we give each other that little look, knowing that each of us has added it in our own mind.

Well my fortune cookie challenge tonight is to satisfy the new ring I have joined, Knitting Kitty by talking about at least one of my cats, satisfy my DH's desire to update everyone on his kidney stone story, and somehow relate everything to knitting.

Here goes!

My DH thought everyone would be interested in wanted me to tell you about the kidney stones he passed. Yes, there were more than one! He routinely passes them every three years, at least. Without telling you how old he is, he probably wouldn't like that, he has finally decided to take the test to find out why he produces kidney stones. Last Friday (on the forty-first anniversary of his birth - - hee hee), he was given the "JUG" to fill. Our daughters have cracked jokes everyday about having special "orange juice" in the house because the "JUG" is the same color as an orange juice container, and it must be kept in the refrigerator. YUMMY!

He had to fill it for 24 hours and started yesterday. While knitting on the GA Cardigan and surfing the Internet, I made a sign for him and eventually taped it to the toilet so that he wouldn't accidently "go" in the wrong place. The sign said, "Not in here!" The family got a kick out of that one, too, because I put it on the bottom of the lid so that boys would see it before going and girls wouldn't notice it.

We have two cats. I will tell you about Holly because I can weave her into this story. Holly is a tiger tabby, she is 3 years old and is very shy. She loves to be pet by us, but no one outside of the famiy has seen her. Some people don't believe that she really exists. You can't pick her up unless you like having 10 inch long scratches running up and down your arm. Holly has a few strange habits. Most of them are cute, but one is very odd. We never taught her to do this, but she likes to go pee in the bathroom sink while a family member uses the toilet. She has done this since she was a kitten. Saves on cleaning cat litter, but we have to check the "status" of the sink when company comes.

For some reason, my DH felt he needed to pee in the bathroom even though he could have gone in the container anywhere. And he would flush the toilet out of habit, but that's not important to this story! Each time he needed to go to the bathroom, he would first get the "orange juice" container out of the fridge, go to the bathroom and fill the container while Holly went pee in the sink! He, of course, would be looking at the sign I made for him when I was knitting on the GA Cardigan.


I got all three stories together! My mother would be proud!

May the fortune cookie gods and goddesses smile down in favor upon you and give you fabulous fortunes..... in bed!


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