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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

To rip, or not to rip

Finally, I reached the color section in the GA cardigan and enthusiastically pulled out the tan wool to begin the intarsia. Five white, one tan, five white, one tan, etc. One row done, and I'm feeling like this will be fun again, not to mention that in only 8 rows I will be starting the very short ribbing and then the major work is done. I started the second row, five white and one tan, five white and one tan. Hmmm... In the upper part of the cardigan I had twisted the colors so that the tan wasn't laying so exposed (the picture might show this). There was a lot of color work so longer strands didn't seem so exposed and vulnerable so I didn't twist them as often. Eventually I let the strand go across five stitches and it seemed fine. This lower part of the cardigan is very exposed and will probably get more wear than the upper part of the cardigan. Hmmm, do I rip or don't I? You can tell I'm not really enjoying this project so much. While the top-down knitting is new and interesting for me, I’m bored with the colors and the sea of stst was too much. This project was one reason I started blogging, to help me get through it! If you read the Yarn Harlot, like I do, you will see that one of her readers sent her a box of chocolates just because she said she would like some. Hmm.... got me to thinking if I could "wish" for something myself! Maybe a knitting fairy to finish this stinking cardigan! Do I rip or not?

Oh, the friend who was expecting twin grandbabies became a grandmother the day after I wrote that I needed to start the baby caps for her. Two precious little girls - Emma Jean and Sadie Lynn - everyone is doing well. Hopefully I will get those caps done before the girls start college!

Well, I'm off to watch if my postman brings me a box of chocolates, or some other treat!


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