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Thursday, April 22, 2004

I ripped and I ripped

Yep. I ripped it out and started over with the color work. The nice part was that I got to try it on for size and it fit really well. Gee, maybe there is a designer in me - I made this pattern up from looking at the original and then resized it to fit the lady's body 20 years after the first one was made. And I have never knit a top down sweater before. I like the thought of no seams, but with all of the color changes I have had to weave in a heap of threads!

Wow! You would swear I had never knit before. I got one row of color almost done (for the second time)and found a mistake in the beginning of the row. Rip. I counted carefully, twisted the yarns and watched a movie with the family. Almost done with that first row (for the third time) and... what's this? A mistake AGAIN! RIP! After the fourth time, it was right. I spent the whole night ripping and redoing. This always feels like such a waste. I will post a picture of the cardigan when I get the ribbing on the body done so that you can see the shape.

Non-Knitting News

I did take some photos today - it was a beautiful day, so here is a shot of one building I go to each day. This is the view from the driveway as I go to my parking spot. It is one of my favorite parts of the day.

That's Lake Michigan. Beautiful, I think!

At this building, there are two stray cats that the custodians feed each day. They are very sweet, but will never let anyone within 10 feet of them (I've been trying for six years). I have named this one Camo, see why?

Well when I got home and put these pictures up on the computer, my cats got all jealous and started posing for me. Holly was a real ham. Here is a nice shot of her. This picture is for all of you doubters out there, I know who you are (Mom, Teetzens, Pam & Felix, and Tom & Amy). Holly really does exist!

Talia wasn't as photogenic at first, then she did her death pose.

It's quite a long scene with tons of gasping until she falls over with a thud! Any agents out there need a cat to act dead?

Here she is a little more alive.


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