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Thursday, April 15, 2004

A Meeting of the "Knit-Wit" minds

Well, today was the Knit-Wit social gathering I started back in September. Only one person could make it, but we had a great time. The others all had conflicts today which is odd, we normally have 5 - 6 people knitting away in the coffee shop. BLISS!! Coffee and knitting! Life can't get better! It's always great to see what everyone is working on and be able to talk outside of work and not feel like we have to rush back to our rooms. I worked on the GA Cardigan while I was there, I'm sure hoping to get the body done this weekend. I will have to knit like crazy!

I am struggling with this site now that I tried to add the pictures. Please post a message if you have suggestions about how I can either make it work or give it up! GGGGRRRRR!

Broken Blog

Seems like these pictures are making the blog not load properly, and sometimes not at all! I think I will have to delete them. Drats! Please put a note on my message board letting me know if you can or cannot see the pics. I tried to access the site from work from different computers and had an awful time. HELP!


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