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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Work! Bluch!

Today Spring Break officially ended, even though I tried to stay up all night last night thinking that this would make the break last longer. All it did was make me tired so that I yawned all day at work today. Now I should be in bed, but the caffeine from the coffee I finished an hour ago is raging in my veins! Ach voi!

And what is it about work? What a distraction to knitting, I didn't even get one stitch done today. Hmm, hang on.......

There I just did a stitch, but that hasn't made me feel any better. I once read a blog where the knitter decided she had finally achieved the "perfect job". She was spotted knitting socks in public and another woman asked her to make a pair of knitted socks. The customer offered to pay "whatever was necessary" to get socks hand knit like her grandmother used to give her. The knitter was ecstatic! Be paid to knit? PERFECTION! She raced home to figure out how soon she could quit her job to become a professional knitter. The knitter figured out a fair amount to charge; she wouldn't mark up the cost for materials and thought a dollar an hour, although a pathetic salary, would be all anyone could really afford. Luckily, before she called her boss to resign, she realized that no one would ever pay her what she had estimated as over $100 for a pair of hand knit socks. Sadly, she went to work the next day. I know just how she feels!

The GA sweater (actually cardigan) got rave reviews at work today. "Beautiful", "Wow", and "I like it" were surprising for me to here? Can't they see the throwback 70's coloring that screams, "This is not pleasing to the eye!". I guess they can't hear it. I have to find some way to get pictures on this site for free so you can see the coloring and make truthful, brutal comments about the colors. Again, the sweater is being made for someone who wants these colors. She saw the sweater on Sunday for the first time and liked it. She would tell me if she didn't, I know her well enough to know that, so I knit on in confidence that she will like it when it's done. I am on body, storing the sleeve stitches until later (I'm knitting top down), and I'm cruising now that the Lopi colorwork is done for awhile. I'm working hard to get it done so she can still wear it at least once before it is too warm. Yep, I live in a freezer; just check out the temp on the weather pixie! Cold enough for a Lopi pure wool sweater in April!

Well.... I'm off to bed. You can go knit your socks off!


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