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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Easter.... Holiday Knitting!

How wonderful, a holiday to rest, relax, and knit to your heart's content!

YIPPEE! New home! No, I haven't moved, but my computer has. Last night we moved the computer into the future "coffee shop, computer, reading room" and it is lovely in here! This is step 20 of 200 in our home remodeling project!

Have you read the spring issue of Knitty? Here is my geek code.

------Begin Knitter's Geek Code Block-------

KER+++ Exp++ SPM++

?Cas !AddiT Steel+ Wood++

Syn++@ Nov+ Cot++ Wool+++

Stash+@ Scale(+++) Fin

(Felt Int Tex Lace FI)>Ent

(Swatch) Flat++ Circ++ DPN++ Blog >ML

FO=too many to count WIP=3

Cr++ !Q !X Sw *Tat+

-----------End Knitter's Geek Code Block--------

The GA sweater is almost to the armholes, it will be there by the end of the day. I think it's time I picked up the Sassy Shawl and got that closer to the end. I'm ready to start the Fuzzy Feet, but I want to have something finished first.

Now go and knit your socks off!


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