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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Ahhhh! Spring Break!
Well.... surprisingly enough, this year I'm managing to get a lot of work done around the house, plus feel like I'm getting enough done with my knitting. My youngest daughter is moved into her new room and only needs the curtains hung that I sewed and a few shelves to make her room complete. I'm hitting the rummage sales to find her a nice desk that I would paint to go into her room. It took me two days to clean out her new room (and seven bags of garbage to the curb), and I still have the toy box to take care of.

Today was beautiful outside. DH and I worked our tails off cleaning gutters, raking up sticks and cleaning up the path at the side of our yard. Then it was off to watch my oldest daughter at Dressage practice. She had a wonderful ride.

I start and end each day with knitting and a nice cup of Java..... and get as much knitting mixed in during the day as I can.

Tomorrow is car shopping with my mom and out for lunch. Thursday is more cleaning in the house and Friday is DH's birthday. This has been a relaxing yet very productive break!

I'm going to go and knit more on the GA (God Awful.... one of the knitwits named it)sweater which is about 20% done.


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