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Friday, March 26, 2004

Back from Cincy. Loved it! The job fair went pretty well, now the DH and I just have to fill out applications online for the state. We have started pricing the cost for moving and everyone is getting excited. Still no word on jobs in the area we live now that DH has applied for.

Got lots of knitting done this week. Mainly thanks to DH kidney stones that put him in the hospital, so knitting while he is in pain. I was trying to be supportive! Not much you can do but wait until it works it's way out!

One sock done after frogging back 4 or 5 inches. I'm making it with left over wool and didn't plan well enough for the length of the foot, so I had to rip back and make the leg shorter. Oh, well... one daughter will still like them.

Also great time knitting with March Madness - Go Notre Dame Women and Illinois Men! I pick the places I have actually been to to rout for! Otherwise I wouldn't have a clue!

Now go and knit your socks off!


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