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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Happy Birthday to my DH!

Yesterday was his birthday and we had a nice time doing things we like to do (except I did force him to go to a yarn shop... More on that later). We went to our favorite restaurant where the waiter spoiled us without knowing it was a special day. Always love it when that happens! We left a VERY nice tip for him. Some shopping, some coffee, some eating, and a beautifully sunny day that wasn't in the forecast made it great!

Ok. Now about the yarn shop. I have been there many times, and the woman who runs it is very nice, I like her selection and I like the store. I have nothing to complain about..... except...... I have read on many sites how some knitters prefer to order online because there is a better selection. I love going into the shop, the feeling of the place, touching the yarn and all of the sensory experiences there. But now I understand what online consumers are talking about. I went to the LYS because I needed more Lopi wool for the GA sweater. She, the owner, had thought one skein of each color would be enough, but it wasn't. Darn, twist my arm to go in there and look around! So in I went, confident that both colors would still be there as it wasn't all that long ago I picked them, and they weren't the nicest colors in the world. Well, one color was there and the other one wasn't. No big deal, I could order it online I'm sure. The colors are separated so a change in dye lot won't be noticed. But then I saw a bunch of beautiful colors in the same shades that I had been picking from. If those colors had been there the day I originally purchased, I would never have chosen the colors I did. I commented to her, "These are beautiful colors. They weren't here the last time I was here." She responded by saying that things in the store change often so you need to keep coming in order to see the different selections.

Now, I have already ripped the GA sweater and started over once for size. I have just finished the major color work and am excited by my progress. I don't know what to do. Do I rip it apart again and start over with the nicer colors or do I just keep going with the ones I have? What a dilemma. The more I look at the GA sweater, the more I'm thinking that the colors I have in it now are ok... very nostalgic and traditional. I'm sure the sweater will be appreciated, but I would have more pride giving her a different color combination. What do I do?

Go knit your socks off!


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