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Monday, March 15, 2004

Why is it that just when you find a nice place to sit and relax, something happens to ruin it? Well, a good day for knitting yesterday. Went to the coffee shop and sat for an hour with the family and knit. I had brought my knitting group (the KnitWits... I'm the queen KnitWit!) to the shop last week, only three could make it. One person did not order anything and they have a sign posted asking all group members to make a purchase. On my way out I bought a cup to go to make up for it. Yesterday when I went back in and mentioned how much the group enjoyed meeting at the shop to the worker who had been there that day, she told me that if we return I need to make sure everyone buys something. Well you could set off cannons in that place everytime I've been in there... I guess they don't want the potential business from the group. A bit disappointing.

I worked on the shawl and I think I'm ready to cast off the next time I reach a full pattern repeat on each end. It is a pretty nice size. Then I can make another shawl from the other ball. I knit some more on the sock, and started the heel flap.

I took my oldest daughter for her riding lesson and knit there.... a bit cold, but I brought the thermos of tea and put my hands to the heater to thaw them out every once in awhile. It is very peaceful there with the quiet. I only wish it were a bit warmer. It is in the low 30's here lately with snow flurries every so often.

Also knit in the car while my DH drove us here and there.

Tonight not so much knitting, but I hope to make up for it this weekend. We are off to a job fair in Cincinnati, so I should have time in the car and time in the hotel.

Go knit your socks off!


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