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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Still no Pics... #%$!# Camera!

Ok, what's the deal? My computer won't read the information from my digital camera anymore (I'm having it fixed on Tuesday). What a pain in the butt! I wanted to show pictures of the cap I've been working on. I have redone the top, decreased, and used a pattern from the Latvian Mitten book for the part that is most visible. It kicks butt! The pattern is so much fun! One problem. I have run out of blue yarn, and I will not buy more because I have plenty of the gold. I'm going to rip out the beautiful pattern all the way to the decreases, and add in more gold. I don't mind redoing the colorwork! Hopefully I'll have pictures after Tuesday.

My youngest daughter had her first swim meet yesterday. She did great, beating her old times and rising to the challenges of starting on the block and swimming two laps in a race instead of one. Between events she wore the fleece pants I made for her for Christmas. They looked great! My oldest daughter had a basketball game at the same time, so DH went with her and I stayed at the pool. Turns out she had the best game EVER, scoring 10 points! Figures. The last time we had to split up she also had a great game. Maybe I shouldn't go to her games anymore? For good luck?

It's been a great weekend, sitting and looking at the snow outside today while drinking coffee and tea, watching movies, and listening to NPR or jazz. There's a fire going downstairs, all ready for DH and I to watch the Packer game in an hour. And, I've finally stopped sneezing. I got some kind of cleaning bug yesterday and spent three hours cleaning a closet, four cupboards, two drawers and updating and cleaning picture frames. Today I went through DH's closet and dresser, he sorted the "keeping", "donating", and "tossing" piles; I cleaned everything out and put everything in nice and neat. Result? The six hour cleaning frenzy produced four trash bags loaded with garbage, two bags for donating, and wheezing and sneezing for about two hours. Somehow, I feel better knowing that this is done, even though no one can see what I did unless I take them from room to room, throwing open closet and cupboard doors. Then, I would be disappointed by the blank look on their face because I had never shown them the inside of my closets and cupboards before. "Ooooh, a clean closet. Ah, nice!" would probably be the response I'd get. Oh well, I have "inner satisfaction" on this one, and that works for me!

Oh yeah... wondering about the South Beach lifestlye change? Don't ask! Except that I have lost 6 pounds in 9 days and have decided to go on to Phase 2 before the 14 days are up, oh, and I won't follow it super strict. For me, it's ridiculous. Without carbs, the only reason to eat if you ask me, I'm left with eggs, which I don't really like; cheese, don't really like that either; nuts, nuts are good but you can't eat them all day; milk, I'm lactose intolerant; and meat. I thought that I could exist happily on meat. Turns out I got sick of meat, nuts and beans pretty quick. We had pizza for lunch. Shoot me!


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