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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas Mayhem - Under Control!

Wow, these elves are great. They must have sprinkled something into my morning coffee to get me working so hard. Despite my attempts to sleep while the girls got ready for school, they tormented me until I had to get out of bed. Had to.

I did not do any buns or braids, however. But I did do one ponytail. I complained a lot while I did it to help my cause, and then cheerily waved them off to school. Buhbye!

That's when the work began:

First, I wrapped their presents. All that we had bought anyway... except for the ones that need special paper.

Then I felted the clogs - and enjoyed another facial while standing over the washing machine. Ah, the smell of wet sheep as the steam seeps into every pore. Definitely the smell of wet sheep is an acquired taste, and one that I have actually acquired.

Next, I took a few thousand deep breaths and started creating the pattern for the fleece pants. I measured, figured, measured again, figured again, and then cursed myself for thinking I could do this. It all seemed so easy as I stood in line at the fabric store two weeks ago. I amazed the women around me as I told true stories of having sewn shirts, pajamas, and a quilt without a true pattern. Damn! Pants weren't so easy, especially when the measurements were off at school, enjoying a Christmas party! After about 45 minutes of figuring, I made the fateful cut. There was no turning back. They sewed up so easily, and looked perfect. When I set them next to the pants I had used for measurements, they looked very similar. Only Saturday morning will prove if I did this right or not. Fingers crossed. Pictures will be posted after the holidays.

Then I started another pair of clogs (and convinced my husband they were for another man, and as he reads this I want to tell him again - they are not for you. Really.) and soon it was time for the cherubs to come home for Christmas break. We picked them up, ran to the post office for the last frantic shipping of gifts and cards, dropped them off at home and finished some last minute shopping for them.

Back at home, we ate, and then the pie factory opened. This was not part of my plan for today, but after being drugged by the elves this morning, I found unlimited energy. One pie is in the oven, the second crust is rolled out (yes, I make the crust from scratch. That means mix flour, shortening, salt and some eggs, handle as little as possible and roll it out after it has chilled. I'm known for my pies, but I haven't made one in a long time). This year we will have apple, blueberry and pumpkin. The apple pie is baking right now, and it smells wonderful. I wanted to bake a mincemeat pie, but I couldn't find the filling.

Gifts for tomorrow at the in-laws are wrapped and ready to go. YIPEE!

Saturday's menu:

Breakfast: Breakfast Casserole

Lunch: Beef Wellington
Apricot Honey Glazed Carrots
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Aunt Bernice's AWESOME Raspberry Jello Salad (mom is bringing this)
At least 1500 cans of black olives. Ok, 3 cans.
Blueberry & Pumpkin pie (the apple will be given to my in-laws)

Supper: Are you kidding?

Boxing Day: (for us Americans this is known as the day after Christmas)

Breakfast: Pancakes with fruit topping

and after that.... everyone is on their own!

Hope you all have (or have had) a wonderful Holiday!


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