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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Get It Done, Already!

I was going to finish it last week, before Christmas. I was going to finish it before Tuesday. I was going to finish it yesterday. It's still not done, but it will be done today. Only one row, cast off, then felt and the last pair of clogs are done (except for the pair I will make for me, and they can be done whenever).

Today is "The Day to get Stuff Done" day in my house. I need to observe a student teacher tape and write up the comments, buy a snowblower, visit the library to return CDs and books, finish the clog, pay property taxes, make New Year's Eve plans, watch my daughter at swim practice, have my own swim practice, and do some grocery shopping. BUSY!

The yarn shop didn't have 2-ply anything, so I'm stuck with this 4-ply yarn for my Latvian Mittens that has a gauge of 7 stitches per inch when I need 9 inches... this on size 1 needles. Maybe I will check my gauge for size 0 needles. I know I have some. Cross your fingers.

Here's my list of twenty for the day:

61. I traveled with the Auckland Youth Symphony for a tour of New Zealand's South Island. My home for the year was in Auckland on the North Island, so this gave me a chance to see most of the country. The next year (after I had returned to the US) the symphony toured Australia. Drats!
62. I have been back to New Zealand once since I lived there. That was in 1989.
63. I can’t wait to get back there.
64. I still have a good friend from New Zealand, and we talk all of the time (Hello, Sharon!)
65. Musical talent runs in my family.
66. It comes from both sides of my family.
67. I was always very competitive with my brother about music. He is good at improvisation, and I am good at arranging. We wrote and arranged one song together on the piano. I didn't write the whole thing down and now I don't remember it.
68. He still plays, but I don’t. He plays flute, bassoon, and every type of saxophone. He has regular gigs for his one man band, and plays in some local jazz bands. He doesn't play the piano as well as I do.
69. Everyone wants me to join the local symphony and play my violin again.
70. I’m not sure that I want to.
71. My feet are always cold.
72. I like to have a hot water bottle in bed with me. For years, people thought I was nuts because I used a hot water bottle. A couple of years ago hot water bottles started popping up at Marshall Field’s as Christmas gifts. Who’s nuts now?
73. I first used a hot water bottle in New Zealand, and used one almost every night.
74. I am very sentimental.
75. I am the most un-athletic person you will ever meet.
76. I am only good in individual sports.
77. I was on the swim team in high school, and did ok.
78. I will join the Wisconsin Masters Swimming for adults and plan to swim in my first meet on Jan. 16, 2005.
79. I love rainy days.
80. I love thunderstorms. There was a terrible storm during my entire wedding ceremony. Many people felt sorry for us, but I thought it was perfect! After 131/2 years of marriage, people still bring up that storm.


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