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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

It's all About ME!

Still knitting Christmas clogs. The last pair for my husband should have been finished... well we won't go there. It doesn't look like I will have enough wool to finish them today, so tomorrow we will have to stop at the LYS near my MIL's house. Tomorrow is her birthday, so we will be in town anyway.

Yesterday I took my Christmas money and bought the Latvian Mitten book I've been drooling over for months. I had enough money to get the wool I need for that, too. What a shame that I will have to put down the clogs to start the mittens (squeaking out a tear here).

Here are 20 more things about me:

21. I love to go camping.
22. I love to go canoe camping without electricity, plumbing, or running water.
23. I like cats.
24. I don’t like dogs.
25. We have two cats and one dog.
26. Both of the dogs I have owned in my lifetime have peed and pooped all over the floor. The dog we have now has forced us to remove all of the carpeting in our finished basement because of this.
27. I hate Christmas, well preparing for Christmas anyway. After all of the presents are wrapped and under the tree, I love it.
28. I love Thanksgiving – no gifts. Only cooking, food, family, and games.
29. My birthday is in September, making me a Virgo.
30. This explains the OCD I seem to have with #3 and #4 from yesterday (not to mention my other crazy quirks).
31. I have one older brother and no sisters.
32. All of my family was born in January except for me. (My dad: Jan. 13th, my brother: Jan. 20th, my mother: Jan. 29th)
33. I am the youngest member of all sides of my family (my mother’s, my father’s, my husband’s, and all of my in-law's).
34. I always wanted a sister, and now I have three sisters-in-law.
35. I'm not as close to any of them as I would like.
36. My father died when I was 7 years old. He died on Jan. 24, 1977.
37. I have never gotten over this.
38. I will be buying a ring soon as a way to always have him with me. The money comes from bonds that were purchased with his social security money. The ring will have a sapphire stone in the center (my birthstone), and have a garnet on each side (my dad’s birthstone and also the stone for the month he died). It will be like his life was surrounding my own.
39. The greatest compliment anyone can ever give me is to say that I am just like my father.
40. People tell me this a lot.


  • At 7:47 PM , Blogger C said...

    The Lavtian Mitten book looks amazing. I am not even a talented enough knitter to buy the book. I can't wait to see your first mitten. Thanks for another 20 interesting facts about you; I am with you on #21, 28 & 31 . The ring sounds beautiful and like a perfect remembrance that will be with you always.


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