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Saturday, December 18, 2004


Still finishing the first clog of the second pair that I'm hiding. I WILL FINISH IT TONIGHT. REPEAT. I WILL FINISH IT TONIGHT!

DH asked me what I would like for Christmas. We don't usually buy each other many gifts. $20 - $30 tops, if we spend anything. I would really like to make the Latvian mittens, but I don't trust him to pick out the colors for me. Poor guy. It's so hard to buy a gift for me who I won't tell him exactly what I want. And then I have the nerve to be disappointed on Christmas - he should be able to read my mind, right? Well, in case he can't - I will put my Christmas wish list here (I know he reads it from time to time). The list is in no particular order.

1. Call the woolen mill down the road and see if I can rent a spinning wheel. You know the place - the one with all of the New Zealand sheep that I insist we drive past every time we go to visit our parents. Buy some good starter roving to go with it. If you don't know what good roving is, ask the lady who runs the place. If I wake up on Christmas morning to a spinning wheel and roving, you will be rewarded!

2. A certificate saying that I can spend money on wool for the Latvian mittens. Oh, and a pattern for them, too. Don't even attempt to buy this on your own.

3. A hurricane lamp. Be careful here... potential Christmas disappointment if it is not the right shape. It must be about 8 - 10 inches in diameter, not be fluted (that means the sides go up fairly straight, they don't curve in and then out), and it should be about a foot tall. Thick glass. They are at BigLots for about $8.00. Don't forget the decorative sand for $2.00 right next to it. Oh, and I'll need a nice thick candle to go in there. Two hurricane lamps and I'll love you forever!

4. New pajamas. Not the kind you would like to get for me, but the kind that are actually nice to wear. Another potential Christmas disappointer here.... better just let me pick them out.

5. A coffee grinder and some good coffee to grind. Any good coffee will do.

That should do for today's installment.


Oh shock and horror. I have been out of the pool since Thanksgiving because of my bought with asthmatic bronchitis. Yesterday I got clearance from the doctor to get in the water again, and guess what he told me? He was thinking of joining Wisconsin Swimming Masters, too! YIKES! I told him that this would not be cool. It would not look good if I swam and my doctor was standing there in the event that I passed out from lack of oxygen. Not to mention, I'm not really ready for people I know to see me in my swimming suit. I prefer to remain ANONYMOUS!

I got in the pool today, a light practice. I did some starts and managed to do some flip turns without vertigo. Always a plus.


Wow! I got comments! This rarely happens! I am so pleased!

Now, to answer your questions.

The pattern for the clogs is from FiberTrends. Here is the pattern link. Scroll down the list of accessories until you find the felted clogs. It is pattern AC33X on the third page. I love FiberTrend's patterns. I also have the pattern for felted hats, and I made a bunch of those a few years ago for my girls. They weren't popular then, but are now, so now they are trying to cram their heads into these hats that don't fit properly anymore. Fads!


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