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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Fire up those needles, only 19 days left!

The frantic Christmas knitting is in full force! Once again, I, like many other knitters out there, will try to defy the laws of time to create an unbelievable amount of knitted items within a time limit. Midnight knitters unite! I plan to make 6 pairs of Fuzzy Feet, two pairs of socks, and some small undecided projects for friends. Can I do it? No way, but every year I try. What's wrong with me? It always seems like a great idea to give knit gifts, until the reality of time becomes more of a reality. Let the countdown begin, warm up the needles, and press "GO" anyway. We're off!

So far, I'm on the last half of the second pair of fuzzy feet. I even had a moment of creativity. The fuzzy feet for my mother are a beautiful lime green, and I have some novelty green left over that I could embroider into the fuzzy feet. I myself wouldn't like that - novelty yarn is not for me, but my mother would love it. A little extra added touch. What will really be the test for me will be to knit two pairs of fuzzy feet without my snoopy children seeing, and then felt and dry them without detection. If I pull this off, there may be a career for me in the CIA.

I'm toying with idea of giving decorative soaps with a knit or felted wrapper. I saw this on another blog, and it seems like a great gift for co-workers. I just don't know if I can fit it in with the other Christmas knitting, cookie baking, card sending, decorating, St. Nick's tonight, wrapping and shipping and all of that. I'm surprisingly more in the Christmas spirit this year than other years. Normally, I hate Christmas, but this year I've been listening to the radio stations that play carols 24 hours a day since before Thanksgiving, and I'm still loving it. Santa must have stuck something into my morning coffee. I'm not sure why I'm liking Christmas this year. I wouldn't say that I have a great head start on other years, but I do have everything planned to the minute so that I can stay on track.

I'm finally feeling better. Well, good enough to walk up and down the stairs without dying from a coughing fit, so I guess it's time to attack that pile of laundry that has been speaking to me in a Darth Vader voice, plotting to take over the house. Maybe, if I left it, it could rise up and do some of the Christmas decorating for me? It may be worth a try.


  • At 7:55 PM , Blogger C said...

    I am with ya on the frantic Christmas knitting! My relatives love novelty yarn too and that is what they ask their gifts to be made with - fun fur - at least I can use a 40% coupon for that at AC Moore. Glad that you are feeling better and that the Christmas spirit has gotcha!


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