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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Over the River and Through the Woods

SpongeBob says, "Hey there, Happy Thanksgiving. I'll be seeing you at the parade in Chicago!"

Here is the itinerary:

1. School's out at noon, and then I get the hair colored to get rid of the greys so I still like a goddess for our fabulous trip!

2. At about 2:00, we will leave to pick up my mother on our way to Chicago. (The plan before she was invited was to stay at a downtown hotel, but now my aunt won't hear of us spending that kind of cash, and I have to admit, I'm happy to spend it on something else).

3. With good traffic (I'm praying), we will get to Aunt Dolores' house in Downer's Grove by about 5:30 p.m. She will have some huge meal for us as usual, even though I have told her not to bother. Oh, darn, twist my arm, I'll eat!

4. On Thanksgiving morning at 6:00 a.m., we will be bundled up, fed another huge meal, and rolled off to the train station to catch our train into the city. There will be knitting on that train!Of course the temperatures in Chicago and here in Wisconsin have been very warm for weeks, but tomorrow that will change, and the lowest temperate so far this Fall will be when, you ask? You guessed it, Thanksgiving Day, the day we plan to be outside all day. Of all the nerve. Who ordered that weather?

5. We will watch the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade until our fingers or toes freeze off (I'm packing the instant handwarming packets to buy us a few more minutes).

6. After the parade we will duck into some warm place and have a nice beverage and then we are off to the Christkindlemarket, an open air German market in Daley Plaza. This will be our Thanksgiving meal. I'm hoping it will remind us of our trip to Germany in 2003. Hopefully we won't notice that when we were in Germany there was a heat wave and we sweat to death with temperatures in the upper 90s for both weeks, and in Chicago it will be freezing. Who will notice?

7. We shop. Period. Maybe a yarn shop, if I'm lucky, but I'm sure they will all be closed.

8. We head back to Aunt Dolores' house and crash. Of course this will happen after she insists we eat all of the leftovers she cooked just for us, even though I told her not to.

9. Friday morning, after a ten-course breakfast (do you get that Dolores likes to cook?), we will head back into the city for my daughter's birthday present. We will spend the day at the Art Institute. Alicia loves art, this was pretty scary at first, I dont know of any other ten year old who had to be dragged out of the museum in London. She spent at least ten minutes staring at each work. Three hours later, we had to force her out of the building. She has never been to this museum, so it will be a long day. I'm not into art, so I plan to do some serious knitting in there.

10. More shopping. More walking. Definately a stop at a coffee shop! At 4:00, it's back to Daley Square to watch the lighting of the Christmas tree.

11. After another 13-course supper and a 10-course breakfast, we will head for home on Saturday, with a possible stop at the Milwaukee Art Museum (this is a surprise.. Alicia doesn't know about it yet).

12. Sunday, is her actual birthday. Exhaustion will set in. We definately will not eat solid foods for at least a week.


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