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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

More Time to Knit?

Who knew? Why didn't I know? This is great! I used to spend so much time clicking back and forth from the links on my own site to check up on my favorite blogs. After making lists and drinking pot after pot of coffee while the pages loaded, I would sigh. The site hadn't been updated yet. If only I knew that the site hadn't been updated before clicking on the link, I could have saved time.

What? You say there is a site that keeps track of site updates so that I don't have to? Why the #$@! wasn't I paying attention when you told me about it! Oh, I was probably too busy calculating the gauge for baby caps, or making lists from my exploded yarn stash. Well, now I know about Bloglines. God is it wonderful! I have more time to knit, or maybe not.

I think I've become a bit obsessed. Is it a problem to sit on the site and click Refresh every two minutes to see if someone on my list has just updated their site?


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