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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Yarn Stash Explosion

Illness Day 4:
Sunday was spent not moving very much so that my asthma symptoms could improve enough to go out to dinner for my daughter's birthday. Monday morning, asthma was still terrible and not being controlled very well with the medication I hoard for days like this. I stayed home, hoping that it would wear off throughout the day. Monday night I ended up in the ER, with my knitting and overnight bags packed in case I would be admitted (I've been admitted for asthma before, and this felt like a close one). Luckily, I was sent home with super strong medication - diagnosis: asthmatic bronchitis. I've had this about 85 million times in my life. I know the drill. After getting home from the ER at 9:00pm I knew I couldn't go to work Tuesday, so yesterday I continued my vigil on the couch with the medication all around me and my knitting. I finished the first pair of Fuzzy Feet on my Christmas knitting list, and by the evening, my asthma started to worsen AGAIN!

This morning, I was determined to go back to work. I nearly died in the shower, it was too much moving around for my asthma and bronchitis. Home another day. Now, the medicine is really kicking in, and I'm sick of sitting on the couch, so I worked up enough energy to drag the stash box into the dining room and let it explode onto my dining room table so that I could check it out.

Maybe there is something here I can create into a beautiful project: but I've never been able to look at leftovers with any creativity. HELP!

Here is my stash:


Fisherman's Aran Wool of unknown origin (it was given to me by my aunt many years ago, and I've used up a lot of it already for afghans). It is terrible for felting. I have 20 skeins left. A sweater? Or do I donate it and get it out of my house after more than 20 years?

Lopi: 2 leftover skeins 100 grams each; one in tan; one in brown.

Skol (another gift from my aunt) Felts well. 4 skeins (1.6 oz each) in tan

Galway leftovers: 210 yard when new skeins; one in red; one in cream

Bernat Hot Sox leftovers: 1.75 oz when new. There is quite a bit left; 1 grey; 1 denim; 1 white

Dalegarn Baby Ull leftover: 50 gram when new. There is quite a bit left; 1 yellow

Lanett Superwash merino Ull: 50 grams when new. Why don't I throw this out. There is hardly anything here.. it is dark green.

Leftover unknown wool variegated blues and greens; DK weight. Felts well.

Novelty yarn:

Green lightpipe (just frogged the scarf/shawl I had started with it) What can you make with this stuff?

Eyelash leftovers: green, blue, purple, yellow

Eros - blue ( I call them train tracks)

Some sea green fuzz

Some purple ribbon

Now that I've written this, I'm wondering why on Earth I've kept these leftovers. About 6 months ago I got rid of almost all of my stash, the acrylics that I knew I would never use, many of them were given to me by my aunt, but this box was what I couldn't give up. I have no clue what to do with leftovers.

DH is off to the yarn store for me to pick up what I need to keep working on Fuzzy Feet for Christmas. I'm planning to make 6 pairs total and have one done. He'll call me so that we can pick out colors over the phone. He is doing this after running there for me on Sunday to pick up more wool and not being treated well when he asked for help. He doesn't like yarn shops as a rule, he tolerates them for me, but thinks that most of them are snobby, especially to men and children. Sunday didn't help. I sent him with the skein wrapper listing the lot and dye numbers, so that all he had to do was show it to someone and they could point him in the right direction. When he asked the woman working there for help, she sighed, put down her magazine and slugged over to the display area while grunting, my children told me. And today he is going back without even complaining. I LOVE HIM!

Well.... if you can provide any creative hints for my stash (of mainly leftovers), I would appreciate it. Maybe if I put my stash to the North side of my dining room table, look towards Canada and call upon the mystic creativity of the Yarn Harlot, I can channel some ideas from her!


  • At 5:02 PM , Blogger C said...

    Sorry to hear that you have been sick and hope the medicine kicks in soon. Sounds like you have a good stash, I too have no idea of what to do with me stash. Can't wait to see a pic of the fuzzy feet.


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