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Monday, November 29, 2004

Chicago - Part II

Sick Day:
The trip to Chicago left me with a massive sinus infection and my asthma wasted no time kicking in and leaving me stuck in one room for two days now. Despite Prednisone, nebulizer treatments, sinus medicine, tissues and throat lozenges, it's now the afternoon, and I haven't really done anything. I hate sick days. I always think that I will enjoy sitting and knitting and watching daytime television, but I end up sleeping most of the time and don't have the ambition to even look at yarn. It makes my head hurt even more.

Chicago trip: Non-knitting:
Ok. we left home Wednesday afternoon and the trip that normally takes about 3 hours took 41/2 hours. At the state line between Wisconsin and Illinois, the snow started and traffic on I-94 south was backed up, going 10 - 15 miles an hour all the way from the first oasis near Gurnee until O'Hare. It was nuts. My mother was sitting next to me, and the things she hates about traveling are driving in the dark and in the snow. This was a double whammy for her.

I knew my aunt would make a turkey dinner, but I didn't expect it to be on Wednesday night. I felt just terrible knowing that they were keeping that food for us and we were stuck for hours. When we arrived we had a feast - turkey and all the fixings. She had cooked all day. I was so pleased and so upset at the same time. I didn't want us to cause her any fuss.

We got up the next morning after 4 hours of sleep to catch the train into the city for the parade. It was freezing, but somehow it was warmer in the city and the parade was great. Anna was disappointed because SpongeBob didn't make an appearance, but the other inflatables were great, although not inflated enough. The cute dog had to be carried down the street, and the worker in charge of it kept telling the volunteers to, "let it go... let it go on its own" as though it would miraculously inflate on its own.

After the parade we went to the ChristKindelMarket and had a blast. The workers were from Germany, and reminded all of us of our trip there in the summer of 2003. We walked back to the train station, chilled but happy. Leftovers for supper and another late night. Alicia wasn't feeling well, she had gotten a cold, and she rarely gets sick. The entire trip was for her birthday, and we were supposed to go to the Art Institute the next day. We agreed to put off that day until she felt better, left her at my aunt's house and went into the city to the yarn shops. It was raining most of the time, and we didn't have an umbrella. To add to the chill, I had found that my right shoe had a huge split in the side and all of the water came in, keeping my foot wet all day. Charming!

The Water Tower area was beautiful, and we took Anna into the American Girl Place to treat her for being so patient all day with Mamma's yarn shop fiasco. We came home and there was another huge meal waiting for us. Mostacolli. Yum. My aunt sure knows how to spoil us. Alicia was feeling much better, so we planned the trip for the Art Institute on Saturday, then planned to drive home that same day.

Saturday took us into the city again. I think I could love riding the train, except for the crappy air quality. By this time, I knew that I was getting sick. As we walked through the rooms of the Art institute, my husband and now 12 year old stared at the art work and discussed techniques and details while my 9 year old and I searched for empty benches to sit on. I became sicker and sicker. I had brought in my knitting, and I'm sure the people wondered why on Earth a person would walk around an art museum knitting. I started a baby cap and made a lot of progress.

We went home and packed up after some sandwiches. I dropped off my mother at 10:30pm and we got home at about 11:30pm driving in the snow AGAIN! Sunday was spent taking medicine and trying to walk about 20 feet before coughing. Today I can walk about 30 feet, so I'm improving.

Well, off for a fresh cup of coffee, a hit from my inhaler, and another throat lozenge. Maybe I'll feel good enough to knit. I hope so.


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