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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Gator and Crawfish

What a beautiful day. My favorite, cloudy and breezy. The perfect Saturday weather to sit and knit while watching movies all day, which is pretty much what I did. The girls are both gone for much of the weekend, last night they were both at my mother's while DH and I went to Appelton and hung out at the Vegas Lounge with Mix 95.9 They were offering two trips, one to NYC and one to LA. We had tried to qualify everyday. I never did, but DH was lucky caller number 9 a couple of days ago. We went early and had supper. He ordered the alligator and I got the crawfish. Check it out on the menu. Both were delicious! It reminded us of our time in Savannah, GA when we ate at a restaurant where, no lie, they cooked up the alligator "Joe" caught from the river out back. We didn't win the trips, but we had a great time. Today, Alicia came home and had BBall practice and horse-back riding (she rides Dressage). Now she is gone to a friend's house to help feed baby kittens during the night and we are home alone again. I'm enjoying the quiet, we haven't had the house to ourselves in 7 years, this is HEAVEN!

Today, I knit on the pink and blue baby cap. I hope to finish it tomorrow. It's great brainless knitting and the Ooooohhhh and AAAAhhhhh factor when people see it done is the greatest! I also managed to get my swim in today. It went much better. No cramps, and I swam 3 out of every 4 laps freestyle, so that's already an improvement. I'm posting my times in some swims just so that I don't forget them, they aren't anything to be proud of, but they are a great place to start. The 50 yd freestyle (without a racing start) was done in 50 seconds, 50 yd breaststroke (also without a racing start) was done in 1 min 10 seconds, and the 50 yd backstroke was done in 1 min. These were done at the end of my workout, and I was wasted when I did the backstroke. Next practice is Tuesday.


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