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Sunday, October 24, 2004

How did THAT happen?


Cast on 68 stitches using straight needles.
No problem. At least this time I didn't start the ARRRGGGHHHyle sock on DPNs

Work in K1, P1 rib for 2 inches.
Easy Peasy... who wrote these instruction? Of course I won't admit that I better not have a problem with this because it is my second time working the pattern, not to mention, it is ribbing. How easy. I know what I'm doing. Or do I?

Decrease 1 stitch in final row of ribbing.
SHIT! I rip back half of the last row to make that stinking decrease centered. Why the heck didn't they just have me cast on 67 stitches to begin with? Who wrote these stupid instructions anyway?

Begin AARRRRGGGGHHHHHyle pattern.
I am a pro at this. I should be a pro after starting the pattern over at least 395 times with the last sock. I carefully add the colors and tell everyone in close proximity to leave me alone. I can't possibly be expected to move when I have bobbins precariously hanging from my knitting needles. There can be no emergencies now.

Follow pattern to row 70.
I am sooo talented. Why would I even need to refer to the pattern anymore? I have it memorized. Even when those crosslines cross the diamond, I can handle that.

NO! I did not peek at the instructions. You were spying on me and saw me peek? Well only once, but I only did it to prevent a tink. So far I have tinked only once... compared to 482 tinks the last time I was at this point in the pattern.

I continue working. I even show off by knitting at Chuck E. Cheese's. My daughter picked that as her "going out" birthday choice on Thursday. I am obviously brilliant. Every once in awhile I count the stitches in each color section to make sure I am working the pattern evenly. There is nothing to worry about, I have this pattern DOWN!

What?? Why are there 9 yellow stitches on the right side and only 8 stitches on the left side? Did I forget to increase the diamond evenly?

I frantically look back at my knitting. Curse those Level II raters... these light colors are so hard to follow, especially with the lighting at Chuck E. Cheese's while some girl named Megan (who we now call "Megan the Monster) screams at everyone who came to her party and proceeds to destroy the place within an hour.

The diamonds are even? What happened? I DID decrease that stitch at the end of the ribbing, right? I remember doing it and swearing under my breath. Yes, I MUST have decreased it. I count the stitches.... 68! What???? I NEVER accidentally increase! When the heck did I do that?

Three days later after I stopped glaring at the sock, I ripped out the mistake, and luckily didn't lose much of my progress. God only knows how and when I increased that stitch, but I'm back to 67 stitches again. Not much progress to report. Anna's birthday, the sleepover party last night, and a beautiful day today to do yard work kept me from picking it up much.

At the birthday party, we blew HUGE bubbles. The 9 year-olds lost interest after 10 minutes.

Guess who sat for 30 minutes by herself blowing bubbles? I love it when 12 year olds (or almost 12 year olds - her 12th birthday is next month) still play like kids.

Today, I raked up the leaves, washed the windows and did some trimming. The girls, of course, played in the leaf pile until I had to take it to the dump.

Not to mention the heavy drinking I have had to do in order to dull the memory of "Megan the Monster".

But that is another story!


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