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Friday, October 15, 2004

Kerry Rally

Wow! I found out that Kerry was coming to my "old" hometown of Sheboygan, WI for a brat fry, and then I found someone with "yellow" tickets. My husband and our daughters were excited to go to the rally, so off we went after school today. Turned out the yellow tickets got us in the quicker line, and into a better viewing area. I assumed Kerry would be late. In fact, if he had been on time we would have missed some of his speech, so I was happy he was late. There were some goofy people trying to show support for some other candidate... I wish I could remember his name.... something about Brish... or was it Boosh? I'm not sure. Never heard anything good about him.

Anyway... after waiting about 20 minutes in a spot that seemed perfect we caught a glimpse of the busses.

Kerry soon came out and no lie... looked right at my family and gave a cheery wave. He was about 50 feet away from us, and obviously heard us scream his name. We were pretty much the first to spot him. Of course, I was so excited that the camera didn't work. Anyway, I got a few nice shots during his speech. He spoke for about 20 minutes as it got darker and darker. We were about 200 feet away during the speeches, and 20 feet while he ate his brat.

My eight year-old can't wait until she can bring the photos and her invitation card to school for "Star Day". I'm so proud that both of our girls are into the political scene. They actually watched and listened to all three debates, and ENJOYED it! DH is sure that the younger daughter has a future in politics and the older one will be a speech writer. She did write a speech for a friend who ran for "class representative" this past week. She said that no other student even had a speech prepared, and hers was pretty good at getting the vote, but her candidate lost. Oh well!

Now... down to some serious knitting for the rest of the night.


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