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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Return to the Past

Well, finally I have some pictures. I tried to post them last night, but photobucket wasn't working, and it still took me over 30 minutes to get these two photos of the ARRRRGGGGHHHHyle Sock.

For a review, there was swearing
there was sweating
there was ripping
there was ripping
there was more swearing
and finally I was able to turn the heel and feel as though there wasn't much left until it was done for TKGA Master's Level II

I knew I wouldn't submit this one, though, because my stitches at the color changes were too loose. See?

It's not a great close-up, but some of those pesky little stitches just wouldn't snug up, even with a lot of prodding. I thought I would start the sock to be submitted right away. Then I read the directions.

"Use light colored yarn. No dark blues or browns."

SHIT! Does anyone know a great way to make navy blue look light?

I guess I need to buy more sock yarn. Shucks! Last night I went to Hobby Lobby (a 35 minute drive) after we visited my in-laws. I picked up some cute froggy invitations for my daugther's birthday party. But no sock yarn. At least nothing in light colors, unless you consider shocking pink to be light.

We went to the LYS in Sheboygan, but it had just closed. Just my luck! This weekend I will drive to go to the "big mall" in Appleton and stop in the LYS there to pick up the yarn I need. I like to go to Jane's Knitting Hutch, but I may check out Yarns By Design again.

Here are some photos of the traveling shells so far.

It is bordered with garter stitch for this swatch, just so that I had an easier time working the pattern and learning it.

Oh... the day with my mother was surprisingly wonderful. But that is another post.


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