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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Identity Crisis

When I first decided to blog, I tried to think of a name that would be fun. I'll be honest, it wasn't easy for me. I looked at all of the cute names that others had created and most of my ideas were already taken. "Keep Me In Stitches", "Just One More Row", "Queer Joe" - ha!

My cousin gave me a coffee mug as a gift for knitting her several scarves. It says "Knitting God" on it and has a picture of a black sheep. (I'll have to take a photo of it). I didn't think "Knitting God" would be a great name since most people equate god with male and I'm pretty female most of the time. "Knitting Goddess" seemed good. I never really liked it.

First of all, I immediately realized that there was a book by the same name, and I had actually forgotten that I had read it. I felt like I had stolen the name. Then, I found another site using "Knitting Goddess" and I felt like a copy cat.

Last night, while traipsing across the countryside in our van, the family had a contest. Who could come up with a great new name for my blog. There were several suggestions, but "Through the Back Loop" was an early suggestion, and became the proud winner. I checked the ring surf site names, not one of the more than 400 sites had this for a name. Finally.... Identity crisis over!


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