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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Whoa.....cancel the camping trip

I had posted a nice vacation photo of the pop-up camper and said I would be gone until July 27th. Well, my sister-in-law (a different one from the art fair) called to tell me that her 4 month old granddaughter would be baptized on Sunday and we were invited! I'm so pleased because this side of the family hasn't been all that close, and I'm happy to do things with them again.

But, BIG PROBLEM! What can I make by Sunday? At first my head was reeling with ideas. Blanket, fruit caps, pushies (this is my family's language for slippers), a sweater set? But, oh.... the pressure of trying to knit it up by Sunday. I finally decided I don't need that added pressure in my life right now. I will purchase a nice gift this time. While they always expect hand crafted items as gifts, and my gifts are always talked about by everyone there, I'm sure they won't be disappointed.

Also.... we aren't leaving for camping today because my car has to go in the shop for the second time. It won't stay started. The engine will start up, then die, and then it won't start up after that. They fixed it once, and now it's a problem again. I'm worried that it might be fatal and we can't afford a second car right now. YIKES!

Also, oldest daughter was called yesterday to be in a last minute horse show. There is a horse that needs the experience (the adult owner can't control her) and my daughter can't wait to ride her on Friday. So, if we had gone camping today we would have had to come back Friday for the horse show and Sunday for the baptism. That isn't worth it. Maybe we will leave on Sunday instead.



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