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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Odds 'N Ends

Every mother's nightmare dream happened this morning. The two darling children awoke and said that they would make breakfast. Yes they would make it alone. I shudder just remembering my fear excitement at eating what an 8 year-old and an 11 year-old could make by themselves, and shudder with the thought of what the kitchen would look like when they were done.
Almost an hour later, after listening to giggling, frantic stirring, questions about where  the baking powder was and if baking soda could be used instead, we sat down to eat. Shock and amazement! It was wonderful! And they made less of a mess than when their father cooks! What a treat! Now, of course they are sorry because I will put them on a regular meal cooking schedule (HA HA!) to alleviate my workload! What did I do while they cooked? Well, knit of course!
The first sock is finally done ( I said it would be done last Thursday, shame, shame on me) and I am casting on the second sock. No photos until after my secret pal has received them, so just know that I kicked butt on this pattern! DH said, "I can't wait until you are done with those" after my third trip to the frog pond.
"Why?" I asked.
"Because all you do is rip it out over and over again and it's making me nuts. You don't seem happy with these socks."
Hmmm..... isn't is sweet that he wants me to be happy, but I had to tell him he was all wrong, I am happy knitting these socks. I just want them to be my absolute best ever. I don't want to send out shoddy work!
Well, we are off camping again.
My favorite place to be. I will finish casting on this sock, do the first couple of rows to get things going, and then it is time to pack up the pop-up. Tomorrow we are going to a state park and plan to canoe around some chains of lakes in the area. DH has to get the fishing lines sorted out since his tipping fiasco a few weeks ago. They are probably still water logged.
One more thing......
I think I have invented a new hair removal product. With summer, I enjoy spending leisurely mornings drinking coffee while surfing the Internet. It is painful when I have to get up, not only because I'm getting so damn old, but the chair sticks to the backs of my legs and rips out every single hair. At first this was an inconvenience, but now I'm starting to think of it as an entrepreneurial opportunity.
I could schedule times for people to sit on the chair as a hair removal product. They would have to sit in some pretty weird positions to remove hair from certain delicate areas, but rest assured that after about ten minutes, pulling away from the chair will remove darn near all of it - even with the AC on. No, I haven't personally tested this in any position other than the normal sitting position. But the thought has crossed my mind!


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