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Monday, July 12, 2004

Finally Home

Well, the art fair was great! The weather was the best anyone had seen in weeks, and my SIL sold quite a bit of jewerly. Not as much as last year, but the art fair this year was the week after July 4th instead of before, and we think a lot of the tourists had gone home.

The night before we left, my SIL called me to tell me about a fiber tent that would have fiber arts on display. This was something new this year. There would be spinning, weaving, knitting, and one table would be teaching kids how to knit. She told me to bring my "for sale" items and any extra yarn I didn't want to donate to the cause. I was pretty excited.

When I got there, I wasn't quite as enthusiastic. I decided not to try and sell my items, because of the problem in getting them approved without photos. I'm glad I didn't because it really is a day for my SIL and not for me, I would like to keep it that way. The fiber arts tent, while having some fiber that could be spun and a few skeins of yarn, was very small and didn't offer a lot to an experienced knitter. The women who were knitting looked like they had learned only recently, and weren't making any substantial projects. The only project I saw was a knit teddy bear, a rejuvenated project from WWII England where they have quite a history I'm told. They weren't attractive, and other than some crocheted bucket hats (which were "OK"), this was the extent of the exhibit. I did enjoy talking to one woman who needle felts. I have read about it and seen some photos, but it was fun to see someone do it live. It looked much easier than I had imagined, and I liked the look of the finished product, especially the hats.

I worked hard on the sock for my secret pal. I turned the heel and completed all of the gusset decreases only to try the thing on and it wouldn't fit. I am using two colors and I must not have carried my yarn loose enough, I couldn't get my foot into it. So, I ripped the entire thing apart and started over from the end of the ribbing. This time is fits much better and I'm pleased, I wasn't sure if I would be able to make this sock the way I wanted..... I thought about switching to a plain single color... but.... BORING! Right now I am turning the first heel for the second (and hopefully last) time.

Home again from another weekend of camping in the rain and packing a wet camper. We are all happy to be home, and I don't think we will be so quick to leave this weekend. The couch is a lot nicer to sit on than I remembered! After a little vacuuming this morning (Yes, I actually cleaned!) the house feels pretty nice!

It would be great to knit and watch movies..... sounds like a plan. I want to rent Girl With a Pearl Earring, because I haven't seen that Colin Firth movie yet. Some popcorn... yeah, I can definitely do that!


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