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Thursday, July 15, 2004

New Obsession!

Knots! I have always wanted to learn how to tie different knots. It could come in so handy when I need the children to sit still, when I want to bundle up all of their old toys to bring to the dump, or for my retirement profession as a truck driver. Seriously! I have always wanted to drive a truck. You should see me back up a trailer - I have had people stop and watch as I back up the camper between two closely parked cars or drive it in reverse forever down long driveways. I'm such a hee-woman!
Anyway, I got a book on knot tying from the library, ok I got four books on knot tying, and now I'm creating my own little reference with pictures. The Knitting Goddess is an artist! Well, as my 11 year-old gifted artist told me, "Momma, you are just doing line drawings".
What an instant ego deflater! My husband thinks I'm nuts (well this wouldn't be the first time he has thought that) and just patiently waits for me to get tired of this new craze, but I plan to buy a bunch of ropes to help us when we canoe camp and I can practice tying knots all of the time! YIPPEE! So far I have learned about ten knots that I can do without looking at the pictures. Three are stoppers, two are hitches, four are bends, and one is a rope storage knot. Only twenty more to go (there are 30 in the book The Book of Camping Knots).

 I'll be sure to update you on my progress.
Now on to some knitting.
I will finish the first sock tonight, and I can't wait to get started on the second one. I have watched almost all of the summer movies I wanted to see, maybe Big Fish or Calendar Girls  tonight. I picked up the gusset stitches perfectly on this sock (did I say that in my last post?) Hmm... the posts are all starting to sound alike in my head - maybe I should get my head examined? I'm sure DH would agree that I need the head checked out! Especially with the new obsession!
Tata for now!


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