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Friday, July 30, 2004

And the Sock Challenge Is..... Oh-Vah!

In the words of the commentator for Iron Chef.... the sock challenge is Oh-Vah! I finished them last night, rubbing my eyes to stay awake at 1:00 during another night of insomnia. After much ripping and redoing - they look great! I can't wait to send them off in a cute little package to their new owner. As soon as I know that she has received them I will post a photo.

On to other knitting:
The other day I became "cleanly" and went through the things I had completed for Level II of TKGA Masters Hand Knitting. Wow! I was a little work machine and didn't even know it. Here I had 14 swatches done (but some I have to redo because I can't find the pattern I used) and I had answered 6 questions! COOL! I have reknit two swatches today, and have to pack up for a day of BBall and knitting tomorrow.

Kid News
Youngest daughter has improved in her swimming. She used to take 20th of 20 and 18th of 18. Yesterday was the final meet for the season and she got 3rd of 8, 3rd of 4, and 4th of 8. Big improvement! She absolutely loves swimming, and I'm happy because she needs something in her life that makes her happy. I think she feels like she lives in the shadow of her bigger sister a lot.

tomorrow is the Gus-Macker 3 on 3 BBall tournament for the oldest daughter. I am nervous for her. A lot of the parents are expecting great things, and my daughter plays better when she is angry instead of afraid. I may have to start a fight with her on the way there to get her more angry than afraid of disappointing the team.

Gotta go pack my knitting bag for the day!


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