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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Baby Caps or Swim Caps?

The New Zealand wool is working wonderfully for the baby caps. It's very soft. I finished the first one, for my friend's only grandson, using the periwinkle and orange. It is really cute, but looks a bit small for a 6 month old. I will have to show it to the grandmother and see what she thinks. I started the second cap last night while watching How Clean is Your House and Mondo Magic. The wool is so soft that I have to wrap it around my finger an extra time to keep control over the tension or else it slips right off of my finger while I'm knitting.

I finished the first cap while taking the girls roller skating on Sunday. We went for the family session (parents skate for free), and four hours later, my feet felt like they were the size of elephant feet. It was tons of fun, but last time I went skating with them it didn't hurt nearly as much. I must have aged a lot in the past three weeks!

Tonight I start my swim training. For a few years, I have thought about joining US Master Swimmers and competing again. I was on swim teams from the age of 11 until I graduated from high school, and it's about the only sport I like, especially now that I am too old to roller skate pain free. I had promised myself that I would start practicing in October, well better late than never. January is the first meet, and hopefully I'll be ready. I was able to knit at the roller skating rink during my breaks, I wonder if I will be able to knit in the pool as I rest between laps? Hmmmm.... I'll have to work on that! Maybe I could knit a plastic swim cap? While underwater?

I'll have to let you know how sore I am tomorrow after this new adventure!


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