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Monday, November 08, 2004


They found her. There was a long high speed chase over the couch and up and down the stairs, but eventually they found her. She was hiding under the bed, sniffing her last ball of yarn. They had quite a fight on their hands, but finally she gave in and went downtown with them. Her yarn stealing days are over! Thanks to the Local Yarn Authorities, my stash is safe and breathing easy once again. Shortly after intake, they snapped her mug shot.

She wasn’t willing to admit to her crimes.

At the court hearing, the judge was lenient. This was her first conviction after all, but I provided testimony of her many other yarn indiscretions. I told the judge about the poor yarn stash victims that could not be saved. The many lives that have been lost at her paws. Still, he slapped her with community service and a 12 step program.

Because she is in my care, I am responsible for payment of her rehabilitation. I had to buy yarn! It’s her fault that I bought the yarn you see in her mug shot. The Local Yarn Authority knew she would have to participate in a 12 step program, so they made me start her rehab as soon as possible.

After thirty-five hours of rehab, she fell off the wagon and became an offender again. I’m documenting it for the court.

Meanwhile…. On the knitting needles,

Progress is excruciatingly slow with the ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHyle sock. I am only a little over half way on the second diamond pattern (there are three). I learned that it is possible to knit this pattern without mistake at 1:00 am after being up for 19 hours straight. Amazingly, I did better at 1:00am while sleep deprived than I did at 8:00pm when I was wide awake. Clearly I need to watch insomniac theater until the sun comes up and just finish this intarsia!

I bought the yarn pictured with Holly for Christmas presents. The people they will go to don’t have Internet access, so it is pretty safe to talk about them here. Besides, my mother-in-law told me that I’d better be making her some Fuzzy Feet or else! She’s been eyeing my first attempts at Fuzzy Feet which didn’t felt evenly because I used two different brands of wool. She would take them regardles, but I have learned that lesson….. only Galway was purchased for the Fuzzy Feet this time. I love the way it felts. The man of the house has been whining about having no slippers, so I will need to correct that situation, too.

The baby yarn is for (I am embarrassed to even say) my friend who became a grandmother in June???? YIKES! I might as well make adult aran sweaters for these babies at this rate! She became a first time grandmother when her daughter had twin girls. A month later her son had a son. She is an instant grandmother of three and loving every minute of it. I promised her baby caps, and I haven’t delivered. I feel just awful about it, so I will have these done, hopefully, before Thanksgiving so that the babies can wear them right away. I was thinking of the pink and blue for the girls, and the orange and blue for the boy. The yarn is from New Zealand, which makes me feel homey (not homely!).

Friday turned out to be a surprisingly good night. After a health scare with my father-in-law, my husband needed to unwind. We had a Wisconsin “fish fry” at our favorite restaurant, walked up and down the boardwalk, and on the way home I stopped at the LYS (he looked at new cars). I bought some yarn and it turned out that there was a deal! With $25 worth of purchases you got this:

I haven’t had it framed yet, but I love the print and it will look great in our kitchen. The colors match exactly and we have been waiting for a wonderful print to put up there for eight years now. After putting my treasures in the car, I headed off for home, only to notice that the old abandoned business on the corner had reopened as a Wine Bar! Could this be true? Could I, on my next trip, cuddle up with yarn, earn another free print, and stop off for a glass of wine? HEAVEN!

I’m sure I will have to go back and buy some yarn soon. Holly’s rehabilitation is sure to fail!


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