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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Shock and Horror - I Really do Knit

For months I have brought my knitting bag to school with me, thinking that during lunch I could knit a few stitches. I never have. Not one stitch. Today, I convinced myself that the reason I had never knit at school was because I didn't want to have to tink out rows of the argyle sock after knitting in mistakes during the day. My smart solution - start a new project (oh yeah, twist my arm!). The two projects I have going right now, well, they suck. I can't be any nicer about it. I'm tired of the Sassy Shawl that I have been working on since March.. no really for over a year. And the sock, well it isn't fun, and it's only one sock for the TKGA Level II, it will never be part of a pair because who in their right mind would actually make a second one if they didn't have to? Maybe I can donate it to some poor soul who only needs one sock.

Anyway, at morning break, I took my project into the lounge, had some snacks, and sat down to cast on a baby cap. A friend asked me what I was making, and I was only too happy to tell her. At lunch, I brought it in again, and a few people stopped as they walked by to stare, jaw wide open, at me. You see, the sight of me knitting defies everything they know about me. I'm sarcastic, I have a sick sense of humor, they know that I have a sailor's mouth, and I come off as pretty rough around the edges (for example: some lunchtime conversations I have started are "How old were you the first time you were picked up by the police?" , "How old were you the first time you got drunk?", "Wouldn't everyone love to be a semi-truck driver?", and "If you were 18 again, what body piercings and tattoos would you get?") For many of the people I work with, these questions are just shocking. (I would have a ring in the eyebrow, and some cool tattoo. I like the tattoos on the small of the back, but then I would never see it... and YES I KNOW... I am never too old to get one, but now the pain involved makes me unwilling to do it). Well, two people picked up their jaws from the floor and said, "I CAN'T believe you actually do that. I mean, I know you talk about knitting all of the time, but to actually SEE you doing it is.... well it's just STRANGE!"

Yep, I 'm a freak!

I now know that the real reason I have never knit at school is because I didn't want to experience the complete confusion it would create for everyone who thought they finally knew me!

Well, I got a few rows of the baby cap done, and it felt great. I found my day going a little more quickly (and right now they are DRAGGING along because of standardized testing). A little brain dead knitting will do me good!


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