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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Of all da nerve

I completely agree with Teresa who posted, "They Said She Was on Her Way -
Where is that bitch Hope? Personally I think she's been on a drunk in some back alley bar in Boston since the convention."

I am actually able to breathe a little after voting night. I thought I would hold my breath until Kerry won, but after cooler heads prevailed, it didn't seem like that would help. I really agree with Iris, too many Bush supporters are feeling justified in claiming what they call a "moral victory". I have morals, too, even though I didn't and never would vote for any Bush, but I don't think my morals should be governmentally mandated. I have strong family values, and that doesn't mean I had to vote for anyone in particular. I have debated about removing a link on my site to someone who was morally "righteous" about Bush's win, but it is time to heal. I have four years, and moving to another country seems like it might help me heal. I dunno. On another note, my nine-year old daughter has a future in politics. We had to force her to go to bed on Tuesday night at 10:00pm while she demanded that we tell her who won our county and who won our state. She sat on the Internet all night, checking the CNN county by county results for different places around the country. If you asked her a question about the results, she could tell you. I'm very proud, and also very scared.

But, on to knitting content.

1). A story about a fellow knitter, one who I taught last year.

2). a "where are they now" story about a school knitting class I was involved in with 4th graders.

3). my knitting struggles.

1) Last year I started an after school knitting group for other teachers at school who wanted to learn how to knit. Of the four women who came to the group, one was relearning. A year later, two of them are still at it, and are putting me to shame with the amount of things they make. The one who was relearning has stopped knitting. She caught me in the hall the other day and asked if I would do her a favor.

Being the incredibly smart person that I am, I quickly answered, "It depends. What do you need?"

"Well, I was wondering if you would be able to knit something for me by Christmas." She replied.

Thank God my brain was working. Now, she didn't know that I haven't been knitting much lately and that I could probably finish something for Christmas. I have been a crazy knitting fool in the past, taking on more projects than I could handle and staying up till al hours of the night. Been there, done that. But suddenly I rememebered that I want to make Fuzzy Feet for my mother-in-law and maybe some socks too, and I would like to finish the Master's II and learn how to spin before next year. I have also promised myself that I would not add things to my life that would stress me out. I haven't been great at avoiding additional stress, but I try. Who needs that?

The smarty-pants side of my brain kicked in with "Oh, I have so many of my own projects I'm working on. I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to finish something for you by your deadline."

Are you sitting down? No, really, sit down! She then said, "Oh, too bad. I wanted to make a poncho for (whoever it was she needed to give the gift to) and I thought you could make it with REALLY FINE YARN." She must be nuts. It's November 4th and she thinks I will have time to do anything in REALLY FINE YARN before Christmas? The insanity!

2)Where are they now?
Because of all of the knitting going on after school last year, some teachers who hadn't knit in a long time also picked up their needles. We became a group. The group fizzled as the year went on, so I stopped setting up the meetings, but many of them kept knitting. As part of art class, one teacher (who was a return knitter) decided to teach her 4th graders how to knit. She approached the art teacher (who was part of my "learn to knit" group)and a class was born! The students made their own needles, and for a few days, my "teacher students" helped teach the 4th graders how to knit. It was fantastic! We even had a retired teacher, who is an incredible knitter (and has had patterns published) come in and help that day. The kids loved it. The boys even loved it, especially when we told them that hundreds of years ago only men knit. Women weren't allowed to, it was a man's job.

Now, those 4th graders, well 4 of them anyway, came up to their teacher and showed what they made over the summer. One of the 4 is a boy who spent many weekends at his grandmother's house knitting with her. He is not afraid to knit in public. Way to go!

The teacher is planning to teach her students again this year, but with a twist. She is planning to spend a day at our school forest, get this - knitting. The day's curriculum will focus on knitting, with lots of time to practice, relax, and socialize. If it is nice outside, we can schedule in a walk. The 4 kids from last year who are still knitting have asked if they can come along and help teach this year's 4th graders. I'm pretty excited - all of this because I brougth my knitting to school and showed people.

3). I haven't knit. The ARRRRGGGGHHHyle sock was attaked by Holly, one of our cats. I found it bleeding and gasping for life on the living room floor the other morning. It had been jammed underneath the coffee table after Holly had made sure it was near death. I'm not sure if I have to rip out or if it will be ok, and I'm afraid to look. I can't look.

Meanwhile... I'm putting out an APB for Holly. The picture below is the most recent one taken. It was taken Easter of 2004, see the Easter baskets?If you see this cat, be sure to report it to your LYA (Local Yarn Authority).

She doesn't look very scared, does she?


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