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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Slowly Knitting - Slowly Blogging

Ten months. Time continues to march on even though nothing on the blog seems to record it. Maybe that means my hair didn't become more gray. Maybe those extra pounds I wanted to lose have melted magically away. Maybe I've been so busy clicking my knitting needles that I haven't been able to blog. Maybe. Oh, the possibilities!

The reality is - The hair is more gray. I'm trying to grow it out to embrace my true age..... we'll see how much more of that I can stand. The extra weight is still on me, but my husband has managed to lose over 90 pounds in the last year, and he is healthy. He joined a weight management program, and has dedicated each day to being a newer, healthier man. I love him! Knitting? Well it's amazing how much I had forgotten about parenting little ones.

By the time meals are cooked, kitchens cleaned, homework done, and little ones are tucked into bed, I have little motivation. Projects are moving slowly. It doesn't help when one major project that was meant as a gift was obviously the wrong project.

My mother wanted a new knit shawl, and I was secretly making one for a Christmas present. When she described the "exact" type of shawl she wanted me to knit, it turned out to be the opposite of what I was half way completed with. Bummer! It still sits on needles and I ended up buying something closer to what she wanted. It was my only project of the moment, and I had no motivation to make anything else... but......

to my surprise... my 18 year old daughter has FINALLY become a knitter! She takes her knitting to school, sits in her room listening to music or watching movies and... KNITS. Ahh... success at last!