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Saturday, July 04, 2009

OH JOY! It's FINALLY here!

Warning: This blog entry contains positive language, happiness, and excitement. Readers may not be used to this kind of attitude from this particular blog, and extensive exposure may result in joy and happiness for the reader as well. Proceed with caution. You HAVE been warned!

Good news. On every single issue our family has been dealing with! SERIOUSLY!

First, the first afghan gift was given in late June, and I finished the project under the wire, again. I made the fringe the night before the wedding. At least THIS time the afghan was dry when I made the fringe. Last time, it was still a bit damp, so I left it out in the back of our car to dry during the church service and then wrapped it before the reception to increase drying time. This time... much better.

Second afghan needs to be started SOON! I plan to order the yarn this week. For the last yarn, DH and DD stopped at Herrschner's on the way home from an ortho appointment and bought the yarn. When I saw the receipt I was shocked. It cost more to buy it there than it would have to buy it online? Even with S&H? Strange.

Also, I'm back at camp, teaching knitting. This year many of the girls brought their own needles and projects and in the second week of camp everyone is already knitting away! AWESOME!

Ok. ok. ok. You are wondering about the happiness warning that started this entry. I had to get SOME knitting content in here. Joy, joy, joy! Where do I start? Adoption? Ok. We got to spend one night with our new little girls, and it went very well. We are officially starting the transition process next week, and they will be with us permanently in a couple of weeks. We have a crib, car seat, a stroller, and we will be shifting the older girls rooms so that everyone can share. The sharing of rooms is working out because our older daughters are SO excited about adding to the family. None of us can wait until the day they come!

They are also excited that sharing rooms may only last a few months BECAUSE......

Closing is July 31st and everything is in line for it to go through without any problems. We got the news about a week ago, the same time that we got the news about the little girls and transition. We are truly happy...... BECAUSE......

We were given the pre-qualification to build! Oh, my. Yes! Our credit has taken a huge hit over the past two years especially, trying to maintain all of our monthly payments. It was getting harder and harder, but we did it. At first, we didn't qualify because of the foreclosure on our home? Did I already write about that? There was NO foreclosure, but for some reason (it's a long story... it took a long time to find out why this happened) it was appearing on our credit report. A month later, after many phone calls and sleepless nights, it was gone. The difference in our credit report was pretty amazing. We can build!

We have picked out house plans, will meet with the builder to trim some of the costs down (we now need a bigger house for 6 people, but have less money because of the $40,000 we lost in the home from the mold damage)and can hopefully order the home in August and be in by Christmas! And? Yes, there is MORE! And... the house we are renting was in the process of being sold to someone who wanted to live in our side of the duplex. Somehow, the sale fell through and our landlord has taken the house OFF of the market! Plus, our new lease was signed for six months starting July 1, which means that we can move into a new home and not need to find a new renter!

There is happiness and excitement pulsing through this family again! And NO longer will we have to use the phrase, "when the house sells," as an explanation about why something cannot become a reality for us.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to the powers above that have finally provided!

We hope for more good news on July 15th when DH has his next cancer check. July will TRULY be a great month!

No go off and spread that happiness that this blog has given to you!


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