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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Another month dodged.

How the money came to be to keep our mortgage going, I will never understand. I only know that when I called the mortgage company, the situation was a bit better than I had thought. They got my March payment as they sent the default notice. That counted for February. Somehow.... I had stashed away enough money, and borrowed some from another account... to make another payment and get caught up. With John being on disability for the month of February, he didn't get a penny of income until the end of the month. For some reason, I had recorded that I paid the mortgage payment already when his disability check came in, but I hadn't. That has never happened before, and I hope that we will never be in that situation again, but with the economy the way it is...... it's only a matter of time before we cannot afford to keep the mortgage in one town while trying to sell the property and renting a place to live in another town. This has to end.

I really don't feel like knitting again. I can gauge my emotions by how much knitting I do. I don't have the money to buy more yarn, and I'm tired of my stash. I don't have the ambition to spin on my wheel, either. I pretty much get up, go to work, come home very late, take care of things around our "apartment" and go to bed. I did manage to knit up the summer cap for John, and that took a lot longer to make than I thought it would. Now I have no real projects that I want to do... only some gifts that I need to make, but don't have the wool for.

Yep... I'm a bit down. Again. The happy days that we got really worked to pick me up, but reality crashes hard around your head when the trip is over.


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