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Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's sold!

But not the one you are thinking of. But I'm getting ahead of myself. First... knitting.

The "Project" that I'm working on is coming along very, very well. Ahead of schedule. My wrists hurt most of the time, but the darn gift will be done on time!

I'm also preparing for summer knitting at camp. I've put together some informational handouts that are laminated and on book rings so that the girls can refer to pictures to help them out if I'm busy with someone else. I have some basic projects planned, and a better system ready to keep track of who has what materials, who has completed which techniques, and who is ready for their award. I'm pretty excited.

Knitting has been pretty good. I'm planning projects for the little ones who will be joining us in a month or so. Two little ones.... we are very excited. We are just waiting to hear the dates that are being planned for this, but we know that it will happen over the early summer months.


It is sold.. as I said, but not our house. The house we are renting has a buyer, and we were first told that she wants to live in our side (the bigger of the the two units in this duplex) and rent the other one out. Our landlord wanted to get us a lease for six months to protect us so that we couldn't be kicked out. Our home that has the offer is not moving along - the buyer has not sold their home and cannot lower their price. We are afraid that the deal will die. Because of our struggles financially, we cannot even put in an offer on a house to buy, or qualify for a loan to build if the house were to sell. At least not for six months. And.... ready for this? When our rental is sold, even with a six month lease, we have been told that the owner has the legal right to ask us to move out with 30 days notice.

So... we will be adding two little girls to our family, with a lot of love and no money..... we may lose the buyer for our own house, we could be kicked out of our rental - and we don't qualify to buy or build anytime soon.

Yeah... I'll be losing sleep again. Our social worker for the little girls was amazed at what we have lived through, and how we have continued to hold our family together in a positive way. She said over and over,"You guys are amazing." I don't feel amazing. I say my prayers several times a day. Not for a new house, not to be able to buy, but to have our financial burdens lifted - basically by selling our house in Valders.

If you have read over our history - and you think we are worthy of a mention - send a letter to Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. Please. We can use all of the help that we can possibly get.